Ah my favourite feature - The Agatas Arcade floor mat that runs right through the room and is branded with a large Dreamcast logo.


And you can also see the 2 bar stools - great for long night game sessions!!


No photos can do this justice - this is a super PS1 clock. this is an actual PS1 console


The inner laser has been taken out and replaced by the clock mechanism. the second hand is smooth as silk. 

I know this doesn't have much to do with Kiosks or games etc but this great for game sessions when you have friends over - the Phillips DCM580 Ipod/Iphone speaker dock has some power behind it! 


Compatible with Iphone 5 - even though you need that funny looking Lightning adaptor as you can see on the picture.


Unfortunately Agata has terrible taste in music - so this gets switched off quite often! I mean how much One Direction & Justin Bieber can you take!!

Yes we had a visit from Mr Bond a few months ago :) Seriously though picked up this nice 6 foot standee earlier in 2014 - Very rare and hard to find as had been looking for a while for this.


This sits very nicely at our front window (Have added the N64 Console and Game just for effect for this photo).


Without doubt an N64 Classic - Goldeneye

Here we have the ceiling of the arcade - The 2 San Andreas foam posters were used on the R* stand for the unveiling of SA at E3 in 2004. There were approximately 15 separate images that were used on the R* E3 stand. Two of each image were made and they hung on the walls around the R* headquarters in New York City. Nice eh?

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