In this section we have rare consoles that were never released in the UK but can be found in Agatas Arcade, or if they were released in the UK they were in very limited numbers.


Find out about the Sony PS1 Blue Debugging Station, Sega Dreamcast Regulation 7, The Panasonic Q, The Sega Saturn Japanese Model etc - just choose from the selection above.


Also in this section you can find out about the modded consoles that are available in Agatas Arcade - We have the Sega Dreamcast with VGA port and Memory card slot (Designed for Home Brew etc), Also the Xbox with MAME installed with over 3000+ games to choose from.


CONSOLE PARADISE - Oh and a Sky HD Box :)


It's not all about retro and rare consoles at the arcade, we like new games as well - We have on display all the Next Gen consoles - Xbox One, PS4 & Wii U. 

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