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  • Sam (Saturday, April 05 14 08:03 pm BST)

    This is quite a good achievement to collect all these rare pieces of gaming history.
    Would like to visit here one day

  • Nick Hamilton (Monday, February 10 14 01:22 am GMT)

    Great collection! I have been collecting coin op machines for a little while now and yesterday I picked up my first kiosk. A Sega Dreamcast kiosk, now I have to get more.

  • Frank Furlong (Friday, December 21 12 04:32 pm GMT)

    Good Luck & Best Wishes for success in 2013

  • Lee hamilton (Tuesday, December 04 12 07:02 pm GMT)

    very very nice setup , a proper little den one day ill have to pop up and get some blisters on me fingers.

    nice work mate


  • Tonester (Thursday, November 29 12 07:49 pm GMT)

    If only you hadn't sold my beloved Atari 800, that would've taken pride of place!

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