Now as you probably know by now, I like Dreamcasts - in fact i have 4 of them! But what makes them special is that they are all different in their own way.


This is a specially modded Dreamcast with the VGA port which i have to admit works beautifully on an LCD screen - I have this working on a 37" LG LED and the picture is fantastic. It almost looks as good as your top consoles of today - I have tried to show this in one of my pictures but not sure it does it justice.


This also has the SD card on the right hand side - this is great for back-ups and Home Brew games. 


Also has an Audio Output on the back so you have great sound through your Surround sound system to go with the great picture.


There is also a switch on the back so you can switch between VGA and Scart - obviously will never use Scart again on this.


These can go for around £80-£90 but well worth it - I think VGA boxes alone can go for £30 so this is not a bad investment.

Current price and availability on ebay: (search as Dreamcast VGA for more exact results)

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