Only got this one in April 2012, and this is the only one that i have used a courier to collect. 


The good thing was that it comes in 3 pieces so made sense to get it picked up - also it didnt cost very much and needed alot of TLC so was happy to take the risk


There was a little damage to this one, but have fixed it up best i could - I changed the background picture to a Tekken 3 scan as the original was from that old TV advert - remember the girl with the funny eyes?? Didn't fancy looking at that every day!


Have changed the Controllers to Brand New ones 


Also added an NTSC Blue Debug Station PS1 and is Region-Free which was the reason for changing as the PS1 has a nice catalogue of Import games. 


Have added the Tekken standees earlier this year (2014) - Managed to get these from a nice chap from the USA (Jason Palmer) and think they really make the kiosk stand out!




Good friend of ours Slawomir Potrykus playing his favourite game Tekken 3 on the PS1 kiosk - I think its fair to say he was enjoying himself :)


"wonderful time:)))))"

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