Agatas Arcade is home to some very rare stuff that i have picked up over the years - Here is an example of some of the items that have come my way......

Newest addition to my collection of retro watches - Nintendo Gameboy Watchboy (c) 1992


All works great and looks good on the arm - have a strange urge for a game of Tetris though :)

Here we have one of the more expensive additions to my collection of watches - the Sega Dreamcast watch. These go for over £300 on ebay but happy to say i didnt pay as much as that. 


A very nice watch and of very good quality - flips open similar to the console to show the timepiece and is presented in a lovely box.

Here we have a Nintendo Gamecube watch - not sure if this is official or just an aftermarket one, as never even seen what is official or not :)


A pretty basic watch with the logo in the background - the only fancy thing about it is the digits are all wobbly etc. 


Purchased from eBay in 2013. 

Here we have another Sega Dreamcast watch - I think this is maybe the one that was used for the European region (not half as nice as the Japanese one above is it???) 


Just a basic digital watch with the Dreamcast logo on the top right


Comes with a nice display tin though!

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