In the arcade, we have loads of rare or very rare Standees or Display stands littered throughout the room which add a little something extra either to the console they are beside or just for eye candy!


these can be very expensive - for example the Legend Of Zelda standee we have cost over £100!! crazy i know but very nice. the same goes for the huge Nintendo Zone stand we have - expensive but great to look at.


Not all these standees cost so much - The Warriors standee cost a whopping 21p!! :)

Here we have a massive Nintendo Zone stand - featuring all the characters from the Mario series. 


This is made of a very hard card and is suitable for display outside and can be fitted to a proper steel stand


A very rare item this and yeah did have to pay big money for it but very nice.


This is currently on display in the new Shed zone @ Agatas Arcade beside the PS2 Racing Kiosk.

This is one of my personal faves - The Legend Of Zelda: Windwaker cardboard standee.


This is extremely rare and was used obviously for the launch of the Gamecube title many years ago.


Shown here next to the Gamecube kiosk - this is now also situated in the new Shed Zone beside the PS2 Racing Kiosk.


I've been expecting you Mr Bond! :)


expecting for a while to be honest as had been looking for this standee for rather a long time


came across this by pure chance by emailing an ebay seller who tried to sell a few years ago and he still had it - so made an offer straight away!


this is over 6 feet tall and looks great in the window at the arcade

I'm a bit of a Star Wars freak as you may know - so before i even started the arcade i had this one purchased


A very nice display item that gets moved around from time to time and at over 6 feet tall is very noticeable everywhere


Visitors to the arcade always want a photo next to this one :)

Here it is, my cheapest purchase in the arcade - all 21p of it!


I had always wanted to do a Warriors theme beside the Xbox kiosk as is one of favourite games for the console so when i saw this i thought i will have a punt, not quite expecting to win it for the price i did


Large display of David Patrick Kelly from the 1979 film - classic movie by the way!


Warriors, come out to pla-a-y!!

All the way from the United States - here we have Jin & Heihachi 


As the Playstation Kiosk is themed round Tekken 3 this was a very easy purchase (even though the shipping and customs costs were rather high!)


Looks great next to the kiosk as you can see - both over 6 feet tall

One of the first game related standees to make it into the arcade - Dreamcast standees are pretty hard to find so bought this before i had a thought of what to do with it. 


Featuring the rather lovely Lara Croft - this looks decent next to the console stand.

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