In this section, we will look at the games that defined each system. The games that sold millions and why today they are still widely played!


Every system had a killer app! I always remember the day i took home my original grey Playstation and inserted Ridge Racer into the drive - I thought my eyes were deceiving me, how can this be possible? so smooth and arcade perfect - to look at it now i wonder what was i thinking but more than 15 years later i still can't resist this timeless classic. 


That's my memory, and i am sure you have a similar one.....


Everyone remembers the first time they played GTA3 on the PS2, or Shenmue on the Dreamcast (Personally Soul Calibur was the killer game for me), or Super Mario on the N64


Lets go down memory lane.....maybe some games here will make you remember a few forgotten classics


Coming soon.....

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