Purchased this in July 2012 - I always wanted to get a White Japanese model so when this came up and it was Region Free and could be changed from 60hz to 50hz with the press of a button it was a no brainer really!


Even better, is that the power board has been replaced with UK spec so no need for a step-down transformer which is a bonus!


This model has a Switchless Region change modification - By holding the reset button the console toggles between PAL, US & JAP settings and the LED changes colour to show that you have changed regions - very clever!


The 60hz/50hz works in a similar way just by holding down the power button for a few seconds.


All in all, a very nice machine - especially as it can access the huge library of imports that the Sega Saturn has available. The Saturn has without doubt some of the best imports available with games such as Radiant Silvergun, Battle Garegga & Silhouette Mirage to name a few


You can see a feature on the games for the Sega Saturn by clicking here

Current price and availabity on ebay: (Search as Saturn White for more exact results)

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