Now this is a serious collector unit and also very rare to find these in such good condition - but guess what? i was lucky enough to do so!


This like most of the other consoles in this section was only ever released in Japan, As the original Gamecube didn't have DVD playback which Xbox and PS2 did have at the time - this was Nintendo and Panasonics contribution.


Unfortunately this was only on the market for a few years and was discontinued due to low sales - It was actually cheaper to buy an original Gamecube and a standalone DVD player than buy this unit!


This has a lovely Backlit LED display as you can see on some of the pictures - It also has a very strong and robust stainless steel chassis - pretty heavy too!


One of the main features was that it had Dolby Digital 5.1 output - something the original Gamecube did not have. 


Comes with a Panasonic branded grey controller and Remote control - I struggle with this remote though as totally in Japanese!!


Again a very nice item, expect to pay in the region of £250-£300 for a good one - but they are rare and only appear on eBay a few times.

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