Latest News - Dec 2016

Due to re-location - We are having a big sell-off!! Want to own one of the kiosks that we have in the arcade?? Give us an email or text me on 07809456530 and let me know what you are interested in :)

Well Done to Shaun McCarthy for dressing up again for the second year in a row - again as a female haha - this time as Captain Phasma for the premiere of Rogue One @ Aberdeen Cineworld on Wednesday night

We are moving in 2017!

We are moving at the start of next year to a bigger location but want to store less kiosks hence the reason for selling off all our current kiosks

Check out our ebay page as well as selling off loads of top games for Sega Saturn/Dreamcast - very rare titles as well

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New to the Arcade

Finally got hold of the awesome Everdrive for the N64 so can finally play all the games available including the classic Conkers Bad Fur Day - Awesome

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WHAT IS AGATAS ARCADE?? This is my collection of rare kiosks, consoles, games, posters, gadgets - you name it, if its game related i'm interested :) - On this site you can take a sneeky peak inside the best games room in the North East of Scotland. 


Housing the rarest display kiosks - currently holds 12 of them. I am always on the look out for more.


Huge library of classic dedicated games magazines from the early 90s right through to the present day


Huge selection of rare and classic games / PAL and imported. 


Also a look at other rare consoles in the room - Dreamcast Regulation 7, Panasonic Q, Playstation One Developer Console, Sega Saturn Japanese to name but a few.


Hope you enjoy the site....Will be adding as much info as i can over the next few months so i look forward to any comments via the guestbook


Due to the vast amount of kiosks that are starting to come into the arcade - We have had to kind of make a new area to store some of the bigger kiosks, so we decided to deck our shed into a wooden retro zone and style it in the same idea as the main arcade....


The main kiosk in this area is the PS2 Racing Driver kiosk - a full original Playstation 2 style racing chair with Logitech G25 Steering Wheel, Pedals & Manual Gear controls - have a Sony PS3 & PS2 going through this, great for Gran Turismo 5 & 6 - you can see more pics of this kiosk in the Kiosk page


Also in this area is a mini Dreamcast kiosk and a PS3 kiosk - will add more pics of these when up and running


Thanks to my two test drivers - Agata Clark & Matthew Clark


Here is a few pics of how we are getting on so far....



Here is a selection of the very rare kiosks that are in the main area of the arcade - find more images and more kiosks by visiting the kiosk section of the website or by clicking here


Hope you enjoy & I look forward to your comments!!

Thanks for visiting!

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